Connecting with Nature while Sheltering

Our connection to nature is built on actual experiences: splashing in a lake or river, or mud puddle. Soaking in the scents of spring: moist earth, spicy lilac clusters, mown grass. So if you are confined indoors, or limited in getting out, you must use your imagination, memory, and spice cabinet.

Remember some wonderful time, perhaps when you were a child, when something on Earth delighted you. I loved the warmth of our pony’s breath on my palm, her velvety muzzle, as she scooped carrots I offered. Our connection was palpable, and brief.

I remember my three-year old son, his first time at an ocean beach, lathered in sticky sun-screen, dropping and rolling in the fine white sand until he was covered like a sugar donut!

What are your very immediate experiences in the physical reality of earth? What do you love about being here?

Take a few minutes, and let your mind seek out those wonderful sensations and connections: the sight, smells, tastes, sensations, sounds around you….

How did it change your immediate experience? I know that smelling spring makes me happier, even in the face of the pandemic.

Indoors, most of use have spices and herbs to cook with. Let yourself do this: go pick three, and rub them, one at a time, into your palm, and smell the cinnamon, the basil, a bay leaf, and taste some salt. Let yourself picture the bark of a tree, the leaves of an herb, the salt from ancient oceans or the present ocean, and know you belong here.

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