Love in the time of the Virus

BC (before Corona) I started drafts of this blog, with the idea of sharing our journey toward a sustainable world for all beings. At this moment, we are all scared, and maybe angry as well, and our basic safety and ways of life are being sucked into the sinkhole of a changed world. Doing Business as Usual has clearly unraveled, and the losses we are all going to face seem overwhelming at times.

However, I borrow from Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone. They give us the idea of Active Hope: that hope and the belief that we can create a just and sustainable world is a choice. We can't know really how things will turn out, and I really hate that sort of uncertainty.

So, in our endangered world, how do we find courage? That is one thing we will explore together!

Courage is leading from the heart, right? Which means leading from love. It's natural that when we are frightened, we freeze or attack or run away. The only force greater than terror is love. I"m not talking about Valentine's Day candy here, I"m talking about from your roots up, fueled by gratitude.

Gratitude! REALLY! When do to complacence and greed, our health care system has medical providers wearing bandanas and garbage bags in place of real protective equipment! Am I crazy!

Yes, gratitude. Let me give it a whirl: I"m ever so deeply grateful for the compassion and grit of all the staff showing up at medical sites, in spite of the danger to them and their families. Can you feel that warmth coming through, from you to them? I am grateful for the honest reporting by much of the media, for the governors who called for shelter-in-place and all the citizens who listen.

I"m grateful for the farmers and gatherers, grocery stores and their people, whose efforts mean my family can still eat. I'm grateful for the friends I walk with, six feet apart. I"m grateful for my BP medication, greening grass and amazing flowering cherry trees, which tell me life still teems on earth.

I encourage you to make your own lists, often, especially when you are scared. The point isn't to deny how terrifying things are, but to fuel our courage and connection, because that is also true.

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