Opportunities in a Pandemic

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The Opportunity to Join With Others

From the number of texts I got urging me to vote, and the thousand I sent, I’d say Americans were getting ready for a big change! We have yet again discovering the power of cooperating and joining together. Because the pandemic put new boundaries on us, our creativity in reaching for each other has flourished. (yeah, I know, I’m sick of being on Zoom, too). And YET, because of the amazing ability to reach across oceans, I’ve had conversations with people across the US, into Canada, and in France, Germany and South America.

One group I joined up with late this summer is Students For Justice, https://www.studentsforjusticevote.org/

Students for Justice connects interns who are college-students and graduates with a mentor (that’s where an elder like me comes in), and helps them become activists in getting other younger people to vote. They mailed 81,000 postcards to registered voters, created PSA’s about voting, and written Op-eds published around the country. AND contacted over 30,000 voters by text or phone. SFJ is creating a new inter-generational organism of cooperation, community and activism.

I find this exhilarating! In the face of great division and irresponsible leadership, the greater powers of cooperation, wisdom, caring about each other and our futures is thriving.

In response to the threats to people’s right to vote, essential for a true democracy, another new organization has been born: SeeSay2020.org. Hundreds of volunteer and volunteer attorneys are ready to respond immediately to voting problems, from lost ballots to militia groups marching near polling stations. And also to document incidents, to protect our votes in the future.

And did you hear that poll worker volunteering soared?

All of this during a pandemic!

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